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    2. About Us
      Zhejiang Jinlihua Electric Co., LTD, formerly Zhejiang Jinlihua Electric Limited, was founded on April 15, 2003. In December 2007, it was restructured and turned into a joint stock company. In April 2010, it was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange Startup Board, becoming the first listed company in the insulator business in China. In August 2010, successfully acquisition of Jiangxi Qianglian Electric Porcelain Co., LTD, which enriched the technique strength, increased investment in research and development (R&D) of products and improved its overall strength.

      Since establishment, it has been focused on the research of new high-strength functional glass manufacturing technologies and the development of insulation products for HV transmission lines. Main products are the glass insulators for HV, UHV, and EHV transmission lines. Through continuous innovation, Jinlihua forms a product collection under six series, 50 varieties, and 90 models. The voltage rating of these products spans from 10kV to 1000kV. Moreover, Jinlihua is also among the few manufacturers that possess technologically matured AC/DC EHV glass insulators, and takes the tech leading role in domestic industry. It is a main supplier of State Grid (World’s Top 500) and China Southern Power Grid, and is at the top of list in terms of the number of bids won in the last three years in State Grid’s glass insulating bids. Its products have participated in over 180 national important, major and/or above 500kV transmission line construction projects cumulatively. Jinlihua has been awarded national, provincial, and municipal honors and titles, including the titles of National Hi-Tech Enterprise, Innovative Pilot Enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Hi-Tech R&D Center, Technology-based SME in Zhejiang Province, Enterprise with Best Growth Potential in Zhejiang Province, Jinhua Outstanding Innovative Enterprise, Jinhua Top 10 Competitive Industrial Enterprise, and Jinhua Enterprise with Outstanding Number of Patents.

      Through continuous technological innovation, Jinlihua has formed seven core proprietary technologies in three fields, namely glass insulator material manufacturing, glass insulator manufacturing, and glass insulator industrial design; obtained 24 patents for utility model and design and one software copyright; and participated in over 180 national important, major and/or above 500kV transmission line projects. 

      In September 2007, the 530(550)kN glass insulator, produced by the company with currently the highest mechanical load grade in the industry and suitable for use on 1000kV AC EHV transmission line, was the first one passing the New Product Technical Accreditation organized by China Electricity Council (CEC) for glass insulators with this grade, and was listed into the “2007 National Important New Product Program” by the Ministry of Science & Technology and other 3 ministries and commissions. On September 19, 2008, Jinlihua was recognized as a hi-tech company with new material manufacturing technologies, which was later successfully renewed in November 2011 after due review. In November 2008, the project “Industrialization of Toughened Glass Insulators for 1000kV EHV Transmission Line” was identified by the Ministry of Science & Technology as a National Torch Program Project. In December 2008, Jinlihua’s R&D Center was identified by Science & Technology Department of Zhejiang Province as the “Provincial-level High-Tech Company R&D Center”. In August 2011, Jinlihua itself was recognized as “Innovative Pilot Enterprise in Zhejiang Province”. In November 2011, the project “Development and Industrialization of ±800kV AC Toughened Glass Insulators” was identified by the Ministry of Science & Technology as a National Torch Program Project. In July 2012, the Project “Development and Industrialization of EHV Extra Large Tonnage Glass Insulators” was listed into the National Hi-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Program).

      Jinlihua has a well-established quality management system set up in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and aimed at standard management and control of the whole process from product design and development to production, to sales, and to service provision. On this basis, it has also built a technical inspection center completed with all necessary projects testing facilities, and possesses 1200kV lightening impulse generator, 500kV power frequency transformer, heating and drying oven, hydraulic universal testing machine, and other advanced testing equipment, which, individually or jointly and at certain temperature and humidity, can conduct lightening impulse withstand voltage test, dry/wet power frequency withstand voltage test, power frequency puncture withstand voltage test, ion migration test, volume resistance test, thermal shock test, mechanical failing load test, radio interference, visible corona test and steep wave front test, among others. In the meantime, Jinlihua also has a melting pot automatic control center, a central computer control center, and the on-site management video surveillance system, which, individually or jointly, carry out effective, real-time monitor and control over the combustion and temperature of the furnace, the operation and process of the production line, and the inspection status of the inspection line, thus improving product effective detection rate and ensuring quality stability and traceability.

      After years of development, Jinlihua has grown into the major supplier of glass insulators for HV transmission lines of large domestic grid operating enterprises. It has established an appropriate customer service network throughout the country in more than twenty provinces and cities, providing high-quality service to customers. In the future, Jinlihua will continue to expand its scope of sales, and strive to become the first-class glass insulator manufacturing expert leading both domestic and international market.

      Zhejiang Jinlihua Electric Co., LTD. All Rights Reserved.    Address: JinDong Ecoomy Development Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China.
      Tel: 86-579-82913488    ICP:05053687   Technical Support:浙江七米







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